ince graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design, my journey has been deeply immersed in the realm of visual arts. My career began with graphic design and advertising, followed 


Your new BFF Portrait Photographer

I'm anabel!

by a deeply dedicated 12 years in Art Education. I fostered a profound understanding of children, developmentally and socially, and continue to revel in the joy of working with each individual child in a creative and meaningful way. Included in my educational experience is working with children that have special needs, my studio is ADA accessible and sensory friendly for those that may need an environment that is free from over-stimuation. Years of working with children has honed my ability to connect with them effortlessly, unphased by the time and patience it may take to bring out those genuine laughs and smiles. There's no rush during your session; it can run as long as needed. Allow my experience to do the work for you as I strive to make your day as stress-free as possible. I have seen it all in the classroom and I am ready to meet your child where they are at, whether it be grumpy, silly, shy, nervous or ready to be the star! 


2 beautiful Kids: Henry & Josephine
Best doggie ever: Bruce aka Bubba/Brucie/Grandpa
Hubs: Nick; the handiest man i know. witty, sarcastic and the love of my life.

I  grew up in Lake Geneva and will always consider myself a Lake Girl. There is nothing like summer time in my hometown, corn on the cob, long days at the beach, Chucks for lunch and then ice cream at Blue Haven. It's pure, simple and everything I love about small town summers. 


home life

Growing up with a Spanish father meant that paella was a staple in our celebratory meals. This is a picture of my first paella I made solo to celebrate my dad's first Heavenly birthday. 

Coffee- I just can't quit it! 

Podcasts - I'm a total Armcherry aka I LOVE Armchair Expert with Dax Sherpard and Monica Padman.
Anything Brené Brown.
We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach. 
I love crime podcasts but can only do small amounts because I'm a total scaredy cat and psyche myself into thinking all those things are gonna happen to me. 

Paella, Coffee & Podcasts

yes, please!

My late father, José, was an artist and spent a period of his life exploring sculpture and the realm between reality and metamorphosis; highlighting the seamless integration of different elements into a unified whole.  This is one of his sculptures of a snail and human hand holding a peace sign. His signature on the bottom "Navas". My dad was a calm, gentle and loving person, peaceful at his core.  Growing up part time in Spain, we also ate a lot of snails caught in the mountains after a summer rain. Snails bring back so many great memories. Incorporating this into my logo  felt like an absolutely perfect way to honor my dad. 

what's with the snail? 

the snail